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Links are here because they contain (or contained a the moment of inclusion) interesting or usefull information. This is not necesseraly true for everything you will find on those pages so how you will use them is yours. Those sides do not reflect my own opinions or thinking.

If I find a page not usefull anymore I will remove it, but the links are not checked on a regular base, so you may find broker links or not up to date information on them.

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Documentation and Markup
LyX Homepage. LyX is a WYSIWYM (What you see is what you mean) Frontend for TeX. Very nice editing for all who think that layout should be a SEP (Somebody's Elses Problem). In fact has some real helpfull functionalities for text editing the usual typewrite-type wordprocessors haven't.
SelfHTML: HTML, CSS, XML, ... references and introductions.


German <-> English Dictionary - TU Chemnitz
LEO English/German Dictionary

Anybody in IT (especially Techsupport) will love this.
German cartoons incl. Haiopeis.

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