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Windows Utilities from the command line

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This is only a reference list of available commands or utilities. All are used at your own risk. It is assumed that you have expirience working with the tools described here.

Some usefull windows commands for the commandline

Just some windows tools I use regularely. Without any claim for completeness. Most of the tools come with windows, but some not with every version.

Some of the utilites here may be as well accessible from windows menues, some are not. At least this is a way to get them fast and you may add them directly to your startmenu.

starts the commandline interpreter.
tasklist, tasklist svc
(Windows XP Professionall) More detailed display of tasks.
(not in the recent versions any more) starts the Filemanager known from older Windows versions.
netstat, netstat -a
Displays active ports.
Configure starting of windows, especially autostarts.
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